You Need What I Have!

I love posting here for a few reasons. First of all, it's a therapy really. I get some of my crazy thoughts and beliefs "organized" on paper. Secondly, I feel like I accomplished something worthwhile. It's rewarding, fulfilling. When I'm not writing here, I get anxious. I find myself searching for things to write about. Writer's block, maybe? I want each post to be meaningful, so I know I need to be inspired about something before even beginning. I pray about it continually.

What do You want from me today?

Teach me something today!

Use me today!

Inspire me on something!

Most of my posts have been on subjects that developed right before my eyes. I just had to pray for clarity. Today's, however, has been following me for awhile and I didn't even notice until it jabbed me from behind,"Hey, you! I'm right here!"

Two months ago, I made an impulsive decision that I'm still questioning. I signed up to start selling a premium skincare line. I haven't questioned the products or business itself, I believe in them both. The products are incredible, they've done things for my skin nothing I've ever used has. And the company was founded and owned by two renowned dermatologists who have been recognized many times over for their business model and entrepreneurship. They're geniuses on the verge of making some unprecedented moves in the direct sales market.

My uncertainty lies in MY part. Is this how I should be spending my time? Is this something through which God can use me? Is it a blessing or a distraction? I've become very prayerful about it. Several times throughout the day, I ask God to direct my decisions. But I also know I'm not including Him as much as I should. I'm getting enticed by the possibilities, the potential in what I can achieve. I continue to make impulsive decisions without asking for His direction, let alone, His approval.

Nonetheless, I was awoken to a similarity between my work in this new business and God's "work" in people. One of the things I'm most confident in this latest venture is the effectiveness of the products I'm selling. My passion is genuine. What I'm selling really does what it promises! They really do work and I continue to read every day about ways they are changing lives of men and women all over the country. Finally people are getting skin concerns that have compromised their self-confidence, treated for good! The transformation stories aren't just touching, some of them are downright emotional! And for someone who has spent more hundreds of dollars on skincare products and procedures than she'd like to admit here, I'm crazy passionate about sharing these with others! I want everyone I know to experience the relief that comes from finally making a smart investment. I'm no longer wasting money on things that "kind of" work. I'm no longer self-conscious about my acne prone face or scarring. For the first time in my life, I'm literally comfortable in my own skin! I want EVERYONE to feel what I feel!! I've even spent time calculating how I might give more of it away for free, so that more people can feel what I am!

How do I convince someone that what I have is worth it?!  I have the answer to their skincare struggles!

Since I was introduced to God at 17, I've been hearing about His longing to have a relationship with us. I've heard it described different ways through scripture, devotions, and personal testimonies. I've listened to sermons about it, attended retreats devoted to it, and have seen books written for it. All this time, I've understood it to mean that God needed a relationship with me. Nine months ago, when He began to deliver me from my addiction, I finally understood how much I needed it too! I've spent all this time actually getting to know Him, talking to Him and developing a real relationship. My life has been changed because of it. I'm learning how to be a better wife, mother, friend, daughter, etc. I felt like I finally "got it." I'm more patient, more understanding, and more at peace. I've felt like I was finally giving God what He I felt obedient.

What if I have completely misunderstood? What if He doesn't need ME, what if His longing for our relationship is because He knows I need HIM? What is His desire for us to become closer isn't because of what He gains from it, but because of what He knows I will?

Am I a slow learner? Have I just stated the obvious? If so, I apologize. But I'm captivated by this possibility. I've promised to be transparent and this is where I am.

God is passionate about me knowing God because of what God can, and will, do for my life. With God as the center of my life, I will have peace. I will know comfort and encouragement. I will feel support and relief. Yes, I'll still have bad days, heartaches, and adversity, but I'll have the right products to treat them...

I'll know the relief that comes from prayer. I'll be more likely to explore His word for the answers, rather than searching mindlessly in the world. I'll experience fulfillment, contentment. I'll know true love...

I am in no way trying to minimize who God is so that I can compare Him to some facial cleansers. Rather, I'm trying to illustrate my new perspective. I know what these skincare products can do for others, I want them to know it too! I get frustrated when I can't get people to try it. I'm sad when they don't trust me...

I think about all the people out there who fight the notion of God. I was in a meeting the other night where a woman said "religion is the opiate for the masses." It made me cringe. I don't particular care for the word religion, but she used it in the context of explaining why she doesn't believe in God. I was so sad for her. If I was that sad, I can't image how it makes God feel! He's there, waiting with open arms to give, to bless, to comfort and to protect. He's there waiting to guide, to support, to affirm and to explain. He wants us to have these things not for Himself to feel better, but for us! He knows we suffer. It pains Him. The world is sad. It's disappointing and it's hard. Only He can make sense of It all and provide a more positive, peaceful way to live in it. Who wouldn't want that?! The question better can I sell it?

Only He has what each of us needs. He is the only treatment that gets REAL results. I understand that. How do I help others to? If I'm this sad and frustrated that people don't know they need what He wants to give, how does He feel?!